SRM Team Match

A 2-day, 2-person team-match for AR15 (.223/5.56 only) and precision rifle using the basic Sporting Rifle Match format.

Expect the same targets and shooting positions as current Sporting Rifle Match.  Teams are composed of two people.  On Saturday, one team member is designated the “AR15 shooter” and the other team member is designated the “precision rifle shooter”.  On Sunday, the roles are reversed.

At each of the 10 stages, the AR15 shooter will engage any 4 of the 6 available targets (unlimited rounds allowed) then the precision rifle shooter will engage all 6 of the targets with one round only per target.  The team will have a total 5 minutes which they will need to allocate between themselves.  One hit per target will be scored for each shooter – 10 points max.  See the regular Sporting Rifle Match rules and the Team Match Rules Addendum for more detailed information.  

Our practice range is open to registered competitors on Friday from 3:00-5:00 PM and again from 7:00-7:30 AM Saturday and Sunday.

Preregistration for the match is required on Practiscore*.  All registered competitors must also sign in at the match.  Early sign in is available from 4:00 – 5:00 PM Friday.  Regular sign in is available from 6:45 – 7:15 AM on Saturday. Teams that fail to sign in by 7:15 AM Saturday are subject to forfeiture of their spot in the match.

At 7:45 AM the gate is locked and the mandatory shooter’s meeting starts.  The match begins at 8:00 AM and is usually finished by around 2:00 PM each day.


The SRM Team Match uses the same rules as the Sporting Rifle Match, with the following rules addendum:

SRM Team Match Rules Addendum

SRM Rule 2.1 additional text:  “AR15” shall be a semi-automatic rifle chambered for .223 Remington/5.56 NATO ammunition with a maximum bullet weight of 77 grains.

SRM Rule 2.3 replacement text:  Each shooter must carry and shoot only one rifle for the entire day.

SRM Rule 3.2 shall not apply to AR15 target engagements.

SRM Rules 4.1 & 4.5 replacement text:  The starting position is standing with rifles held roughly at port arms, AR15 loaded/safety on, precision rifle unloaded/bolt open.  Teams will have a total five minutes to engage targets at each station.  When the time starts, the AR15 shooter may engage any of the 6 available targets with an unlimited number of rounds until a hit is made on as many as 4 targets.  Then, all 6 targets may be engaged by precision rifle shooter with only one round each.  AR15 shooter must unload and show clear (Rule 1.2.4) before precision rifle shooter may load and engage targets.  AR15 shooter may not reengage targets once rifle shooter has loaded.

Added Rule 4.6:  Coaching and/or communications regarding the wind and the location of hits/misses shall be limited to between the two team members only.

All other Sporting Rifle Match Rules and standard procedures (published or otherwise) will remain in effect.  The Sporting Rifle Match Rules and Target Chart can be downloaded from the Home Page.

Important Note:  In order to prevent target damage and wildfire hazard, SRM rule 2.2 prohibits steel core, steel jacketed, armor piercing, incendiary or tracer bullets.  Since AR15 ammunition with these characteristic is commonly available, shooters should expect inspection and/or magnet testing of their ammo.

To avoid problems, competitors should magnet test their own ammo prior to attending the match.

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If you have questions you may contact the Match Director, Mike Kolar by phone at 303-882-9213.  You can also email match staff at

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