June Sporting Rifle Match is On!

Good News!

The June 7, 2020 Sporting Rifle Match will be held with modified procedures as  required to comply with current New Mexico Public Health orders.  The June 6 AR match is cancelled.

The current NM Public Heath Order is in effect from May 15 to May 31, so it is possible that different rules may be in effect at the time of the match.  There could be either more or less restrictive rules in place at that time.

Key Information:

  • Pregistration is required on Practiscore.  Squads will be limited to 5 people with a maximum of one new shooter per squad.  Visitors and other non-registered persons will not allowed at the match site.
  • As always, be sure to check here before you leave home in case the match is cancelled at the last minute or we have additional information to share.
  • If you plan to stay overnight in Raton, be aware that lodging and dining facilities in Raton are operating on a limited basis (if at all).  We recommend that you plan ahead and investigate your options for food and lodging before leaving home.
  • The maximum gathering of people anywhere/anytime before, during and after the match will be 5 people and a minimum distance of 6 feet between people must be maintained at all times.  People who fail to follow these rules will be disqualified and asked to leave with no refund.
  • The course will be modified to open up choke points for social distancing purposes.
  • There will be no pre-match safety briefing and no post-match awards gathering.  As such, please take the time to refresh your knowledge of the match rules before you arrive.  If you have a new shooter in your squad, you will be required to help make sure they follow the rules and remain safe.
  • When you arrive at the match, you must see the Match Director (Mike K.) immediately upon arrival to check in and receive some brief instructions.  If there is a check-in line, maintain social distancing!
  • All registered shooters will receive an e-mail with important additional information approximately a week or so before the match.

We look forward to seeing you there!


April 30, 2020 Update

New Mexico remains under stay at home orders for the Wuhan virus that prevent the operation of the various Sporting Rifle Matches.  The New Mexico order will be effective until May 15 and we don’t know what sort on-going restrictions may come after that.

Thus, on or about about the 16th of May, we will make a decision regarding the June AR and Sporting Rifle Matches.  If we are able to operate these matches legally, safely, and with the Whittington Center’s permission, we will immediately open up registration for these matches on Practiscore.

Stay tuned for more updates.

4/7/20 Update

We have cancelled the May SRM matches, but are hopeful that we might be back in business by the June AR and SRM matches.  Apparently, the Whittington Center is also closed now.  Stay tuned here for further updates.

3/2/20 Update

Lost & Found

Two items of value were left behind at the 3/1/20 SRM match and the match director is holding them.  He will bring them to the April SRM unless other arrangements are made before then.


We encourage all competitors to download and read the rules for the SRM match.  We are still getting some people who show up without any knowledge of the match rules.  The two most common rules that folks miss are the complete smoking ban for the Coal Canyon venue and the 3000 FPS maximum muzzle velocity for the SRM match.


2020 Sporting Rifle Match

  • The schedule for the 2020 season has been approved by the Whittington Center and is now available under the “Schedule” tab.
  • On a provisional basis, we are going to continue with a 60 shooter cap and 3 minute time stage time limit for the Sporting Rifle Match for the 2020 season.  However, if we find that the match is running too late on Sundays, we may return to the 50 shooter cap.