SRM Rimfire Match

The NRA Whittington Center Rimfire Match is a “field style” match very similar the regular Sporting Rifle Match.  The major differences are that the target ranges and distances between shooting positions are shorter and only .22 rimfire firearms are allowed.

The match format is currently 8 stages with minimal walking between stages.  Each stage has 5 targets at varying distances in natural terrain.  Each target is to be engaged twice.  Target distances are known to the shooter and will vary from 50 to 200 yards on most stages and 50 to 400 yards on one stage.  Shooters must complete each stage’s target engagements within 3 minutes. See rules for additional details.  Most stages accommodate a prone position shooting, however, some may require elevated shooting positions, shooting sticks, etc.  In wetter years, the grass and weeds can obscure many targets and require more target engagements from elevated shooting positions.

Typical equipment used includes: a rifle capable of 1 MOA accuracy; rifle optics allowing precise hold-over and windage for small targets from 50-400 yards; shooting sticks and/or tripod; binoculars to spot for other shooters; and a backpack to carry, shooting accessories, ammunition or whatever else you might need.

Plan to arrive by 7:00 AM for sign-up and practice before the match which starts at 8:00 AM. The match is usually finished by noon.

Preregistration for the match is required on Practiscore.  All registered competitors must also sign in at the match.


Squadding for the Sporting Rifle Rimfire Match will be assigned by the Match Director on the day of the match.

Sporting Rifle Rimfire Match Rules – 2/13/21

  1. Safety
    • All rifles must be unloaded with actions open and detachable magazines removed at all times except as follows:
      • in the designated shooting area of each station under the direction of a range officer. “Range officer” is defined as a volunteer fellow competitor who assists the shooter with safety, spotting and scoring.
      • while walking on the trail between stations, the bolt may be closed on an empty chamber with no detachable magazine inserted.
    • All rifles and other equipment used in competition must be serviceable and safe.
      • All rifles must have a properly functioning safety, subject to the discretion of the match director.
      • All rifles must be safely carried with the muzzle up or down.
      • At each station all rifles must be safely positioned in the holding area with muzzles pointed down-range and action open. “Holding Area” is defined as the area to the right or left of the shooting area (not behind), where the rifles can be safely stored before and after shooting the station.
      • When the shooter has finished shooting each station, both shooter and range officer will inspect the rifle to confirm that it is unloaded. It is the shooter’s responsibility to make sure that his rifle is safely unloaded.
      • The shooter is solely responsible for acting in a safe manner while on the shooting range.
    • Absolutely no smoking is permitted at or near the match venue. Smoking by a competitor or their guests will result in an immediate match disqualification of the competitor.
  2. Equipment
    • Only firearms chambered for .22 Long Rifle are permitted.
    • Only lead bullets, with or without copper plating, are permitted.
    • The shooter may not change rifles during the match unless the rifle becomes unserviceable or unsafe. In such case, the rifle may either be repaired or replaced with another rifle of similar type and configuration.  If the shooter misses his normal turn at any stations while repairing or replacing a rifle, all targets not engaged will be scored as misses.
    • The shooter may use any shooting accessories deemed necessary, but they must be carried by the shooter in a consistent manner for the entire match. Additionally, the configuration of the rifle, with respect to attached shooting accessories, may only be changed on-the-clock and must be returned to the original configuration before shooting the next station.
      • In muddy conditions, the match director may elect to declare a “Mud Rule” to be in effect for a specific match or a specific stage of a match. In such case, shooting mats may be laid out and adjusted off-the-clock as well as shared with others in the squad.
    • Tripod mounted optics in excess of 15x are prohibited from use during the match.
  3. Scoring
    • Each target hit is awarded one point.
    • All rounds fired (either intentional or unintentional) are scored.
    • In the event a target is broken or becomes unusable, the target nearest to the broken target will be substituted.
    • The spotter’s ruling on individual target scoring is final. No appeals or protests to the Match Director will be allowed.
    • Each shooter is responsible to maintain an accurate record of his score.
  4. Station Procedure
    • Each target is to be engaged with two rounds and both shots may score.
    • The shooting area at each station is marked by a stake. The shooter must be close enough to the stake to touch it with a hand when engaging targets.
    • The stake marking the shooting area may not be used for support.
    • The shooters in each squad will rotate shooting order from station to station.
    • Each shooter will have three minutes to engage the targets at each stage.
    • The shooter will start standing with rifle loaded, safety on and the muzzle pointed up, down or toward the targets. The shooter’s pack and hand carried shooting accessories will start on the ground nearby.  All shooting accessories must remain in an as-carried and fully undeployed condition until the start signal, except as follows:
      • Rifles must be unslung from the shooters body or removed from scabbard-type packs prior to loading.
      • Stools, binoculars, etc. may be removed from pack for the purpose of spotting and scoring, but must be returned to an as-carried and fully undeployed condition prior to the start signal if and when used as shooting accessories.

The Sporting Rifle Rimfire Match Rules and Target Chart can also be downloaded from the Home Page.


If you have questions you may contact the Match Director, Mike Kolar by phone at 303-882-9213.  You can also email match staff at



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