SRM AR Match

The SRM AR Match is a very casual match that is designed to test a competitor’s skills to quickly engage multiple steel targets from approximately 200 to 900 yards in the natural terrain.  The rules and format can vary with each match, but most of the match involves existing Sporting Rifle Match stages with some movement on the clock.  One or more match specific stages are often set up as well.  Plan on using at least 100 rounds for this match (and more if you miss a lot).

The rifle for this match must be an AR15 style in .223/5.56 NATO caliber with a maximum bullet weight of 77 grains.

All Sporting Rifle Match safety rules apply to this match.  The Sporting Rifle Match Rules and Target Chart can be downloaded from the home page.

Preregistration for the match is required on Practiscore*.  All registered competitors must also sign in at the match.  Competitors that fail to sign in by 7:30 AM Saturday are subject to forfeiture of their requested squadding and/or spot in the match.

Plan to arrive by 7:00 AM for sign-up and practice before the match which starts at 8:00 AM.  The match is usually finished by noon


In order to prevent target damage and wildfire hazard, steel core, steel jacketed, armor piercing, incendiary or tracer bullets are strictly prohibited.  Since AR15 ammunition with these characteristic is commonly available, competitors should expect inspection and/or magnet testing of their ammo.

To prevent problems, competitors should magnet test their own ammo prior to attending the match.

*Practiscore Link for all Sporting Rifle Match Events:


If you have questions you may contact the Match Director, Mike Kolar by phone at 303-882-9213.  You can also email match staff at

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