3/2/20 Update

Lost & Found

Two items of value were left behind at the 3/1/20 SRM match and the match director is holding them.  He will bring them to the April SRM unless other arrangements are made before then.


We encourage all competitors to download and read the rules for the SRM match.  We are still getting some people who show up without any knowledge of the match rules.  The two most common rules that folks miss are the complete smoking ban for the Coal Canyon venue and the 3000 FPS maximum muzzle velocity for the SRM match.


2020 Sporting Rifle Match

  • The schedule for the 2020 season has been approved by the Whittington Center and is now available under the “Schedule” tab.
  • On a provisional basis, we are going to continue with a 60 shooter cap and 3 minute time stage time limit for the Sporting Rifle Match for the 2020 season.  However, if we find that the match is running too late on Sundays, we may return to the 50 shooter cap.