3/22/21 – Schedule Changes!

With the help of the Whittington Center staff, we have finally found a new venue for the Magnum Rifle matches.  It is really a spectacular spot for long range rifles. The shooting position is high up on one side of a canyon with targets high up on the opposite side.  We will provide more information regarding the site, target ranges and access in the next month or so.

The road up to the shooting position may be challenging in the early months of the year, so we have rearranged the schedule to put the Magnum Rifle matches later in our season.  This only affects the Saturday Magnum Rifle and Rimfire matches.  The regular sporting Rifle Matches are unchanged.

Essentially, the rimfire matches are now April 3, May 1 and July 3, while the Magnum matches are now June 5, July 31 and September 4.  These changes are included in the schedules posted on the “Schedule” and “Downloads” pages.