2/12/21 Update – Special info for 3/7/21 Match

Practiscore preregistration opens this morning at 9:00 AM.  Competitors will still need to check in with the match director when they arrive.

While New Mexico has rescinded their mandatory quarantine requirements, they still have a number of Covid related regulations that Sporting Rifle Match competitors need to be aware of.  For detailed information, please checkout the New Mexico Department of Health Website.  Bear in mind that New Mexico may change these rules at any time.

As a competitor at the Sporting Rifle Match you are personally responsible for your compliance with these regulations.  Failure to do so could subject you to fines of up $5000.

Here are a few particulars that we want to emphasize:

    1. New Mexico has mask and social distancing requirements that apply anytime you are in public except when eating, drinking or in the case of medical necessity.
    2. New Mexico has special mass gathering requirements that limit the number of people in a group to five persons.
      • As such, we are limiting squads to 5 persons and asking that every competitor take responsibility to take whatever action is necessary to prevent groups of more than five people from occurring at all times.
      • We are also eliminating the usual pre-match safety briefing and replacing it with a written safety brief.  You will receive this and additional information via email(s) once you preregister at Practiscore.
      • Also, there will be no post-match awards presentation.  The match fee is reduced to $20 per competitor since there will be no cash prizes.
      • And finally, only registered competitors will be allowed at the match site.  (No spectators, guests, etc.)
    3. New Mexico has significant Covid regulations that impact both the lodging and restaurant businesses in Raton.  It is important that competitors confirm they will be able to get the local services they might need prior to travel to the Match.

Important:  Be sure to check back here before you leave for the match in case there is a match cancellation.  As long as the weather holds out and NM doesn’t create new regulations that impact us, this shouldn’t happen, but check here just in case.