June 11, 2020 Update

  • The July 5 Sporting Rifle Match is on and we have been given the go-ahead by the NRAWC to allow up to 60 shooters (squads of 6).  The balance of the special restrictions imposed for the June SRM will continue as needed (see prior update).
  • The July 4 AR Match has been cancelled.
  • The August 1 Magnum Match may or may not happen.  The South Flats venue where we shoot the Magnum Match has been closed indefinitely by the NRAWC Board of Directors due to a variety of logistic and safety issues.  We will be meeting with NRAWC staff during the July 4th weekend to discuss alternatives and this may result in a new venue for the Magnum Match.  And it may not, but we will continue to seek a new venue for this match in any case.
  • The August 2 and September 6 Sporting Rifle Matches as well as the SRM Team Match are currently planned to occur as scheduled.
  • It is important to note that we can only run the various Sporting Rifle Matches in accordance with the consent of the NRA Whittington Center and in accordance the laws/rules of the state of New Mexico.  With the spikes in the Wuhan virus that we are currently cropping up in places around the country, it is entirely possible that our matches might be shut down again at any time.  Always check back here before you leave for any last minute cancellations.