Sporting Rifle Match
Feb 3
March 3
April 7
May 5
June 2
July 7
August 4
September 1

Sporting Rifle AR Match
June 1
August 3

Magnum Rifle Match
April 6
May 4
July 6

Sporting Rifle Team Match
August 17 and 18

Each match takes place on Sunday.
SATURDAY approx 1200: Range Officers and anyone else willing to help, show up to set, repair, and paint targets.
SATURDAY 1500-1700: Sight-in stage open for use after target work is completed.
SATURDAY 1700: Sight-in stage closes for the day, range is locked.

SUNDAY 0700: Sight-in stage opens for approx 30 minutes
SUNDAY 0730: Shooters' meeting, and match begins.
SUNDAY 1300-1700 (depending on number of shooters): Match finishes, payout to winners, and targets are put down.

Match cancellations will be announced on this web page ASAP before the match, ideally by Friday morning, but it could be as late as Saturday afternoon for a last-minute emergency. So... CHECK THIS WEB PAGE FOR POSSIBLE CANCELLATION ANNOUNCEMENT BEFORE LEAVING.