NRA Whittington Center Magnum Rifle Match, Revised: 12/1/11

The NRA Whittington Center Magnum Rifle Match is a long range rifle competition for rifles chambered in 7mm up to .338 caliber magnum cartridges. See Rules for specific details.

The exact layout of the course and match procedure is not yet finalized, but these are the parameters we are currently working toward:

  1. Reactive armor steel targets of various sizes will be located in natural terrain at ranges from 600 to 2200 yards and engaged from a bipod supported prone position.
  2. Each match will consist of between 24 and 48 shots fired in a number of strings/relays.
  3. In each string, the competitor will be allowed 2 shots at each of 5-6 targets.
  4. There will be practice time available immediately prior to each match.
  5. The match procedure may vary from match to match.


  1. Competitors must practice good muzzle control and firearm safety at all times. Competitors that do not handle their firearms safely will be subject to immediate match disqualification (see Safety Rule 10).
    1. Do not ever allow the muzzle of your firearms to point at anyone.
    2. Do not load your firearms until directed to do so by a Range Officer.
    3. Do not put you finger on the trigger until your sights are aligned with your target.
    4. Obey all Range Officer Commands immediately.
  2. Uncased rifles must be carried either muzzle straight up or muzzle straight down. Horizontal carry of rifles is strictly prohibited. Any time the rifle is set down on the ground, the muzzle must be pointed down range and away from any people.
  3. Rifles must remain unloaded with magazines removed and actions open at all times except when directed to load by a Range Officer. Range Officers include the Match Director and any persons designated by him to act in the capacity of a Range Officer.
  4. All firearms must be unloaded and confirmed to be clear by a Range Officer before removal from the designated Firing Line.
  5. Safety glasses and hearing protection must be worn by both competitors and spectators at all times when the firing line is "hot".
  6. Any accidental discharge of a firearm is considered a serious safety violation and will subject the offender to disqualification (see Safety Rule 10).
  7. The violation of any safety rule may result in immediate disqualification from competing further in the match with no refund of match fees. At the sole discretion of the Match Director, the violation of any safety rule may also result in disqualification from future matches.


  1. Competitors may use only one rifle during the match. If a rifle becomes inoperable and cannot be repaired, the Match Director may allow a replacement rifle. Target engagements lost due to an inoperable rifle will be scored as misses.
  2. All rifles must be equipped with a functioning safety.
  3. Any rifle that is (or can be) demonstrated to allow the hammer or striker fall without the trigger being depressed is prohibited.
  4. The fore end of the rifle may only be supported by an attached, folding field-style bipod. The butt stock of the rifle may be supported by bags or an attached folding monopod. Other support devices are prohibited.
  5. Cartridge Restrictions: 7mm up to .338 caliber magnum cartridgs only. Maximum muzzle velocity is 3200 fps. Only copper jacketed, lead core hunting or match style bullets are permitted. Tracers, incendiaries, monolithic, armor piercing bullets as well as bullets with any steel content are specifically prohibited.
  6. Ammunition that can not be unloaded from the rifle's chamber as a complete cartridge using only the rifle's action is prohibited. Ammunition that must be fired to be unloaded is prohibited.