The NRA Whittington Center
Sporting Rifle Match
Held Monthly Feb - Sept at NRA Whittington Center in Raton NM

9/1/18 - Good news. The Whittington Center Board of Directors has intervened in the closure of Coal Canyon to competitive shooting. Apparently there were a number of meetings and discussions between the BOD and the WC staff and the result is that we have been asked to reestablish the matches in Coal Canyon. Several of us will be meeting with Josh Adams in the near future to work out some of the details and to work on getting back to a good relationship with the WC. Mike Kolar will be returning in his role as Match Director. We anticipate that the first SRM Match of 2019 will be in early February, weather permitting. With the Coal Canyon closure, the steel targets were moved off site so the entire course will have to be reset. We will be trying to duplicate the prior course per the last range card and expect that we should be able to get pretty close.

In cooperation with the WC, we expect to be implementing some new rules, procedures and and maybe some physical assets to help mitigate the wildfire risk in Coal Canyon. We expect these to have minimal impact on the match, but if you are a smoker, you may want to investigate "smoke free" nicotine products.

We will post the schedule for 2019 as soon as we work it out with the Whittington Center. One change for 2019 is that the extreme long range Magnum Rifle Matches will probably be scheduled on the same weekend as Sporting Rifle Matches so that competitors can shoot both with only one trip to Raton.

The "Sporting Rifle Match" at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton NM is designed to test a rifleman's skills shooting small targets from approximately 175 to 875 yards in the natural terrain, with what he can carry throughout the course. (The "Sporting Rifle Match" has nothing to do with NRA High Power "Sporting Rifle" class.)

The match format is 10 stages spread over a 2 mile distance. Each stage has 6 targets at varying distances to be engaged with only one shot each. Target distances are known to the shooter. Shooters must complete each stage's target engagements within 3 minutes. No "sighter shots" allowed. Score is total number of hits out of 60 possible. No one has shot a perfect score, yet.

Match entry is $30. There is partial cash payback to winner(s) based on the match turnout. The balance of fees goes to the NRA WC.

Typical equipment used includes: a rifle capable of 1 MOA accuracy; rifle optics allowing precise hold-over for small targets from 175 - 875 yards; binoculars to spot for other shooters; and a backpack to carry water, ammunition, and a couple power bars.

Bring 60 rounds plus whatever you want for Saturday afternoon & Sunday morning sight-in.

Make sure to read and understand the rules.

Here's a copy of the Sporting Rifle Match Range Card